how to lose body fat - The Ten Commandments

Want to get fit? Highlight your muscles? There are many things to know, but here are the top ten things to keep in mind.

Many people would like to lose weight, reduce their volume or, in short, burn more fat.

If you want to start making your body burn fat, here are ten laws you should adhere to.

1. Increase your daily activities:

Exercise increases energy that comes from burning calories and therefore helps us to achieve a negative calorie balance, in addition to stimulating and strengthening muscles. What to do? always take the stairs, don't be afraid to park the vehicle far away, walk to the farther bus station, if the grocery store is nearby - walk on foot.

2. Reduce calories:

It's simple, our body need energy, energy that comes from the food we eat during the day or by burning fat. To make your body choose the second option (fat burning), you need to eat less calories than your body needs during the day, then your body will turn to burning fat stores to produce energy available for its daily activities. What to do? Count calories. chack your average calorie burn, lower 10% -20% and that's your daily calorie count.

3. Eat enough protein:

Not all calories are the same, They come from proteins, carbohydrates or fats. The proteins necessary for muscle building And in breaking down the protein the body burns more calories than in breaking down fat or carbohydrates (That's why protein-rich diets exist) What to do? Make sure to incorporate protein-rich foods in every meal on our menu, foods like chicken, fish, eggs and lean cheeses. Some of you who exercise regularly can consume protein powder.

4. Eat more times during the day:

When we eat the body starts the digestive process and burns calories, so you should be in this position several times a day.

what to do? it's hard to eat multiple times by adding meals, and still not exceeding the calories we set ourselves, so if you גeciding to add meals did so under control.

5. Drink green tea:

Green tea contains antioxidants, helps in weight loss (thanks to EGCG and caffeine) So it is an important part of anyone's menu that wants to lose weight. What to do? Try drinking green tea 3-4 times a day, make it part of an intermediate meal. Tip - You can also drink the tea cold.

6. Do aerobic exercise:

If you exercise a few times a week, prefer aerobic exercise over anaerobic exercise, but exercising three times a week during the third workout can be anaerobic, which also plays an important part in fat burning. What to do? Keep at least 30 minutes of continuous activity, which can be swimming, running, or biking.

7. Drink water:

Water helps the digestive system and healthy metabolism, in addition sometimes the body interprets the thirst for hunger and causes us to eat more at a meal or eat at times we did not plan. what to do? Start the morning with half a gallon of water, And always take a bottle of drink with you, it's better to have it in your bag, but it can also stay in the car or office, the main thing being around you all day.

8. Don't eat junk food:

just don't...

what to do? Plan your daily menu a day in advance so you don't get hungry outside the home and put in a health snack bag in case you get stuck anyway.

9. Drink less alcohol:

Alcohol is an energy that is very readily available for decomposition and so the body will choose to break it down over the rest of the carbohydrates, fats and proteins. So the alcohol becomes energy and what happens to the food we ate? Is just an excess calorie that goes directly to the fat cells. what to do? drink infrequently and not in excessive amounts.

10. Don't do cheat meal:

Cheat meal Is for those who are counting calories regularly and are on a negative calorie balance over time and feel their fat burning rate is declining. what to do? Do not avoid foods that you like and leave a place in your daily calorie count.